Dana Dramov Consulting

Dana Dramov

DANA DRAMOV CONSULTING is a full service fashion public relations and consulting agency. We specialize in the development of new and emerging companies through strategic and brand-specific initiatives.

PUBLIC RELATIONS: We are focused on building meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clients — connecting them with fashion industry leaders, influencers, and celebrities to propel them forward. We provide print, digital and blogger placement as well as feature stories; curated events; celebrity and influencer gifting; industry-challenging collaborations; and brand identity development.

CONSULTING SERVICES: Our consulting services are in the areas of public relations, brand development, product development, VIP gifting, and sales. Projects are typically short-term and are suitable for newer brands that are not prepared to commit to an ongoing approach. Brands find these services not only cost-effective but extremely eye opening and valuable for their immediate and long-term success.